Some of the best cycling routes in the World

Robin BrewDirector of Coaching

Easy Bike Access

Getting in and out of La Santa is easy. A virtually traffic free environment allows immediate access to the beautiful surrounding network of cycling friendly roads with breath taking scenery.

The Switch Backs

The top of the famous Tabeyesco climb. 10km of a gradual 5% climb finishes with 5 switch backs with stunning views at the top. Well worth the effort.


Descending switch backs on the way to the beautiful Mirador Del Rio with smooth road surfaces. Great for gaining confidence and improving descending skills.

The Lagoon Loop

The 3k loop on super smooth roads around the Club La Santa complex is a perfect venue for our skills work, speed work and our brick sessions along with our super sprint Tri's sessions at the end of the camps.

Safe for Children

The newly surfaced 3km lagoon loop is virtually traffic free and an ideal circuit for all ages.

Transition Area

On site purpose made transition areas make brick sessions and transition practice for T1 and T2 a snap.

The amazing Tabeyesco Climb

A must for everyone visiting Lanzarote...10km at a steady 5% climb, with a restaurant at the top! The ride is part of an 80km loop. Riding in Lanzarote is all about great experiences...this ride is right up there!

Very light Traffic

With high visibility on all the roads and a very low volume of traffic, Lanzarote is one of the safest places to cycle in Europe. The locals are well used to cyclists visiting the island and are very considerate with groups or individuals.

The beautiful Mirador Del Rio

At the very north of Lanzarote lies a gem of a climb to the beautiful Mirador del Rio, approachable from both sides. This section of road takes your breath away. the views are stunning and overlook the Island of Graciosa at an altitude of 500m.