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Club La Santa is the Worlds No1 sports resorts with outstanding facilities including an on-site 400m track and an abundance of beautiful & stunning coastal run routes on trails and the road. You will love the organised daily run sessions of varying distances, track sessions, skills and drills sessions, tempo runs and practice races, which all begin with a structured pre-run mobility session and finish with a post-run active recovery and stretching session.


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The goal on all RBS camps is to identify the key factors that help unlock improvement and great performances in each and every individual. Importantly, we recognise that everyone is different and therefore we caringly provide coaching and progressions that are relevant to significant needs of individuals during the camp.  Over our many years of experience, ranging from coaching Olympics to helping first time athletes, we have developed the right skills and tools to ensure improvement is quick and effective and the applied changes in technique and form are also very noticeable and lasting.


EXAMPLE Programme

One of the main benefits is to enjoy running in a warm weather environment at a time when weather in the UK may be cold and dark. Getting the miles in has never been easier, however, the camp offers so much more. We aim to help improve your running efficiency with daily drills and mobility sessions as well as helping to improve your core and leg strength through a unique range of strength and conditioning exercises designed for runners. The more there is to improve the bigger the gains!


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It's All About You

We are proud to say that the most important element of our camps is how we engage with our course members. People always come first and we treat all our guest with the utmost respect and aim to provide them with the very best coaching support to achieve their own personal goals and aspirations.

It helps that we create a fantastic environment surrounded by world-class facilities and world-class coaches with a wealth of experience and genuine warmth. All course members need to do is turn up and enjoy being at the centre of amazing coaching support and development. It is a very special privilege to be in a position to make a difference to people’s lives in more ways than just physical training or conditioning. 

Our coaching goes much further and to see people come together and share a common challenge, and more importantly, to help individuals grow in confidence and self-belief is truly wonderful. To see this improvement in a short period of time is the reward.  Our main priority always is to ensure course members gain the absolute most from the week as well as benefiting from great structure, great coaching and having great fun. 

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