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Coach Athlete Relationship

The most important ingredient in any coaching programme.

Great coaches inspire, build confidence, find solutions and draw on a wealth of experience to ensure coaching makes THE difference. Robin's big four coaching principles are honesty, integrity, belief and trust.

Combined with a personal plan based on a clear understanding of your needs, this ensures that realistic goals are very achievable - even some unrealistic ones too!

Personal Goals

No matter where you set the bar, goals matter. From outcome goals to detailed process goals, it's all about evolving and moving forward as an athlete and as a person.

Coaching is so much more than a programme, it's about a shared journey and helping to make a difference.

Bespoke Swim Plan

There’s a lot of noise around swimming improvement; the skill is to strip technique and swimming development down to the fundamentals. It’s not what you do, but how you do it that matters.

You will never get a generic swim session. All swim sessions are well explained, properly structured and tailored to your needs, with key coaching points contained in every workout.


Planning is key and makes your training and coaching structure focused. Having clear timelines means that you can hone your season’s preparation towards those all-important 'A' races.

Training Peaks Software

Any time, any place, you can pick up your training plan. Training Peaks is the perfect training journal and undoubtedly the best remote training platform in the world.

Logging session performance data is a breeze with a compatible device such as a Garmin watch, and provides a level of feedback and detail that is unparalleled.

Bespoke cycling Plan

There’s no mystery to improving your cycling. Structure, consistency, integration of strength and power workouts, and a motivating programme come together to build an improvement in technique and efficiency.

Robin’s experience as one of the strongest triathlon cyclists and understanding of athlete physiology ensures you will get the very best from your bike training

Winter Cycling

Avoiding going out in the wind and rain is not soft, it’s smart. Real gains can be made over the winter working with great metrics such as power (watts), heart rate (HR), cadence, and training stress scores (TSS).

With data easily captured on a smart trainer, your bike ability will accelerate quicker than you might realise!

Strength & Conditioning

The cornerstone of any comprehensive programme is the inclusion of functional strength & conditioning.

No matter how much S&C work you’ve done previously, your bespoke programme will evolve as you develop in this key discipline.

Open Water Preparation

Many triathletes view the open water swim as their biggest weakness.

Our practical advice and wealth of experience will help improve your skills and build confidence, ensuring you make the most of this major element of your triathlon race.

Race Day Preparation

When it comes to race day, you want to know that you are at your best. The two weeks prior are vital in you being race ready.

Every race and circumstance are different, that’s why a bespoke taper and race day plan ensures your investment in time and effort will pay off by peaking on race day.


There are three types of transitions: the good, the bad and the ugly! The inclusion of transition training makes a huge difference.

Understanding your needs during these key components of the race helps us to develop a clear transition process that will become second nature, allowing you to seamlessly change from one discipline to the next.

Bespoke Running Plan

Running fast off the bike is an interesting experience and is one of the key components to modern day triathlon racing.

The right types of training required to effectively run off the bike are woven into your training plan. Run/bike brick sessions have an important part to play in getting your legs to do what you need them to do when you are at the height of fatigue.

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