The Worlds No1 Multi Sports & Family Resort.

Robin Brew Director of Coaching

The Worlds No1 Sport Complex for ALL the family

This is not just a resort for sports enthusiasts, it's a unique resort for All the family. Get involved with the training camps or the full array of classes on offer or equally be at home relaxing by the leisure pool. Club La Santa has it all with a unique and friendly atmosphere to match.

The Athletics Track

Just about anyone, who is anyone in athletics has visited Lanzarote to train in the beautiful environment. We will be using the track on all our Tri and Swim & Tri camps for skill and development coaching along with interval and pace control training.

The Leisure Pool

Ideal for chilling out after the morning workouts. The vista from all around the complex is stunningly beautiful.

Two of the three (yes three) 50m Olympic Pools

Swimming open air is a joy. Swimming open air in Club La Santa is just an amazing experience, with a water temperature of around 29 Celsius, our technique sessions leave you warm and invigorated.

The one and only

Club La Stanta

Lanes Space

We ensure sufficient lane space on all our camps and facilities. We will have booked facilities over a year in advance to ensure you have preferential training times throughout the camp.

Conference Room

A great facility with easy onsite access to review much of the days activity and to talk through key coaching points. Most courses will have a key note speaker which will leave you inspired.

The Bike Centre

The onsite Bike Centre has all the resources you need to get you going and to keep you going! You can borrow centre bikes or hire premium bikes instead of bringing your own bike if you prefer but do book early.

Dining & Food

There is an array of wonderful restaurants at Club La Santa and in the local La Santa village. Healthy eating comes as standard!